Male Spectrum Gives Back

Male Spectrum Gives Back

At Male Spectrum, we know that without the generous support of our customers and fans, and the continued well-being of our performers, our company would have nothing but cameras, lights and a bunch of web servers. That's why Male Spectrum makes a concerted effort to give back to the community through charitable contributions, and support for organizations like the Trees for the Future, JustGetTested.com, and various GLBT rights and anti-defamation groups.

"Our decision to get more involved really got jump started with the concern over California's Proposition 8," explained Male Spectrum Subscription Site and Affiliate Program Director Lea Busick. "Prior to that, we had individual staff members that got personally involved in a variety of social and political issues, but Prop 8 really brought things into focus for us as a company. That legislation is directed squarely at denying basic, fundamental rights that all people should have, and we just decided that it was high time for us to do our part and contribute."

Male Spectrum's latest action in this area is an ongoing promotion under which the studio donates $1 per DVD sold to Trees for the Future, a non-profit tree planting organization that plants 10 trees for each dollar Male Spectrum contributes.

"We initially began by reducing energy consumption at our office through more conventional means, such as shutting down computers at night, recycling, and moving to a paperless payroll system," said Male Spectrum Brand and Product Manager Kim Kysar. "But then we asked ourselves, why stop there?"

Male Spectrum is also showing support to JustGetTested.com by encouraging visitors to the company's websites to take control of their own sexual health.

"Getting tested can be frightening, but it's the right thing to do for yourself and for your partner ," Kysar said. "By putting up links to JustGetTested.com, we're just trying to be another voice in the chorus encouraging our members and fans to do the right thing."

Male Spectrum also recently made a $2500 contribution to a leading civil rights group that champions GLBT causes -- unfortunately, due to the stigma attached to pornography, the organization in question has asked that Male Spectrum not reference their name or website here on MaleSpectrumMaxxx.com.

"It's unfortunate, but we understand and respect their decision," Busick said of the civil rights campaign in question. "But they do great work, and we're chipping in our support, because this isn't about publicity, it's about chipping in our share to a worthy cause. Ultimately, the important thing is that we're doing our part to give back to the community that our customers and fans are a part of."

According to Kysar, the company's current efforts merely mark the beginning of Male Spectrum's committment to the community.

"As the company and its revenues grow, so too will our charitable contributions," Kysar said.