One of the first products established by Male Spectrum, HisFirstGaySex.com and the DVD line it spawned remain among the company's top sellers. Lea Busick, subscription site and affiliate program director for Male Spectrum, said the line's popularity is not hard to fathom, given the quality of the content and the strong, enduring appeal of the site's theme.

"This is our 'gay virgins' site, and it largely features twink models," Busick explained. "We find guys who have never had gay sex before, and 'persuade' them in to a little guy-on-guy action. Among the many fantasies that guys have, 'breaking in' inexperienced guys and sexually showing them the ropes ranks right at the top in terms of popularity."

The site currently offers over 230 exclusive scenes, shot in various locations around the world, including within the U.S., north of the border in Canada, and across the pond in Europe.

"We like to mix it up a bit, and not show our fans the same places and faces from week to week," Busick said. "We've had the good fortune of working with several outstanding videographers along the way in creating the His First Gay Sex line, and they really do a great job of tranlsating the excitement and spontaniety of a guy's first time into a compelling video package, complete with the seduction that gets the ball rolling."

HisFirstGaySex.com is promoted through the TopBucks.com affiliate program, giving webmasters the chance to cash in on the popularity of the site and corresponding DVD line. Busick said the advertising program has even seen some of its fans become successful promoters and advertisers in their own right.

"That's one of the most satisfying aspects of being in the Internet porn business - watching an enthusiastic fan become a prosperous promoter," Busick said. "And it makes sense; nobody is more passionate about a product than a brand-loyal customer, and when they put their in-depth knowledge about the content to use as a sales tool, success often follows quite quickly."

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