Some products have a name that speaks for itself. Among Male Spectrum's video lines, HisFirsthugeCock.com is one such product, without a doubt.

"The name says it all," noted Male Spectrum Brand and Product Manager Kim Kysar. "His First Huge Cock is one of our most popular reality sites, for the simple reason that it focuses on guys with -- you guessed it! -- really huge cocks."

There's more to the line than just its well-endowed performers, of course.

"We do add a little bit of a twist," Kysar said. "We find guys who have never taken anything larger than the average penis and watch as they get rocked by our shockingly-hung studs. It's a bit of a trial by fire for them, but most of the first-timers love it - even if it does sting a bit."

Lea Busick, the subscription site and affiliate program manager for MaleSpectrum, said that the site has long been the company's top-selling gay site, and the reason for its popularity is, like the site's name, no mystery at all.

"Anybody who says 'size doesn't matter' hasn't seen the sales stats for this site," quipped Busick. "It sure seems to matter to our customers, and our webmasters have noticed, too. In terms of the requests we get, requests to see more from our most well-endowed performers rank #1."

The good news for Male Spectrum fans is that the company has no plans to drop or change the His First Huge Cock line any time soon.

"Sure, it's a simple, basic formula," admitted Busick. "But hey -- why mess with that kind of success? We'll just keep bringing in more fresh new faces, and more hung-to-the-kneecap guys. Give the people what they want, right?"