iMaleSpectrum -- Gay Porn Goes Mobile


Launched in late 2008, Male Spectrum's mobile sites include the free 'teaser' site, iMaleSpectrum.com which offers free, short-run video clips, and the fully enabled subscription site iMaleSpectrumPass.com, which provides full-length scenes optimized for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Male Spectrum brand and product manager Kim Kysar said that the mobile market has become a fast-growing sector for Male Spectrum, and the company is moving quickly to sustain and expand that growth.

"The pace of the mobile market's growth in the last 18 months has been amazing to witness," Kysar said. "Especially the popularity of the iPhone. It's hard to think of another device in the last 10 years that has captured people's imagination the way the iPhone has - even the iPod didn't 'wow' people quite as much as the iPhone has."

Kysar said that with most adult companies reporting declining sales of their DVDs, and many seeing reductions in online revenue as well, the timing of the mobile expansion couldn't be better.

"I think a lot of companies are scrambling right now, trying to figure out what they can do to offset a poor economic climate, increased competition, and the glut of free content available online," Kysar said. "For us, the answer has been mobile, and we intend establish ourselves as a leader in that sector.

Both iMaleSpectrum.com and iMaleSpectrumPass.com offer content from Male Spectrum's most popular lines, including His First Huge Cock, Gay College Sex Parties, Hot Muscle Dudes, His First Gay Sex and Twinks for Cash.

As with the company's standard subscription websites, iMaleSpectrumPass.com is promoted through the TopBucks.com advertising program, which offers webmasters a variety of different promotional tools, ad types and other resources.


Lea Busick, Male Spectrum's subscription site and affiliate program director, said that one of the most important tools the program offers for the promotion of iMaleSpectrumPass.com is a "mobile redirect script" that allows webmsters to detect users accessing their sites via a mobile browser, and automatically direct those customers to iMaleSpectrumPass.com.

"Most websites in the adult realm are not formatted to properly display and function on a mobile device," Busick said. "This makes for a lot of wasted traffic that our webmasters are not currently able to take advantage of. With this redirect script inserted into their site code, webmasters can automatically redirect mobile browser traffic to our mobile sites and convert that traffic into sales, instead of just missing the opportunity to sell to those customers."

Busick said that the company has much more planned for its mobile sites in the near future, including new features, applications and plenty more content.

"Mobile is an exciting new area for us," Busick said. "In some ways, it's like being back in the 90s again, when the web was really new to people and there was this massive rush of development going on. We're seeing that same explosion of innovation and creativity now with the mobile market."