Male Spectrum DVDs

Straight Guys Take the Bait

The Male Spectrum brand evolved out of the initial efforts by adult studio Pink Visual to expand their productions into gay market, an effort that dates back to 2004. The first official release under the Male Spectrum name was Volume 1 of "Straight Guys Take the Bait," a reality porn series that debuted in December, 2008.

"We felt we really needed a separate brand for our gay titles, in part to emphasize that all the content is created by totally different production teams than those who shoot for Pink Visual's straight titles," explained Kim Kysar, Brand and Product Manager for Pink Visual and Male Spectrum. "We see Male Spectrum as a sign of a new committment to the gay market -- even though we've been shooting gay content for years, this new brand represents a fresh new start, and more focused approach to the gay market than we had previously."

Other upcoming releases planned for Male Spectrum include the new lines "Shocking Monster Cocks" and "Desperate Twinks," the former being slated for release in February, 2009

In a recent interview, Kysar explained the appeal of Male Spectrum's content over the "reality porn" produced by other gay studios.

"Many of the other studios that shoot reality porn, particularly for the gay market, are dabbling in it, and when you are dabbling, it means that you probably haven't really thought through what makes the genre work, and what the crucial elements are," Kysar said. "We pay close attention to detail, and really make an effort to maintain an exciting and adventurous feel in each scene that we shoot. We also try to come up with new and different circumstances and situations for the 'set-up' portions of our scenes. I've seen far too many reality series where there is really no variation between one scene and the next, and it gets so routine and so rote. You just aren't going to maintain fan interest that way."

Shocking Monster Cocks

While there are major differences between the reality porn produced by Male Spectrum and the works created by studios who focus on more traditional, scripted movies, Kysar said that the reality porn and 'standard' porn markets have plenty of customers in common.

"There's a lot of crossover between the two audiences, really," Kysar said. "At the end of the day, I think a lot of guys just don't much care about a carefully crafted plot, or artfully rendered dialogue in a porn movie. Sure, they like the fiction and the fantasy, but they're really in it to watch sex. I also suspect that people who are fans of both forms spend a lot of time with their finger on the fast forward button when they are watching scripted porn."

So, what's the primary thing that draws viewers to reality porn?

"Ultimately, the main draw of reality porn is the same as the draw for scripted porn; it's the talent," Kysar said. "If you want to sell well, you need to have talent that catches the eye, and the imagination, of the viewer. We've nailed that part with Sam and Johnny, for sure."

Kysar said it is Male Spectrum's aim to be right at the top of the heap where reality porn is concerned, and that the studio is already well on its way.

"I like to think that, young as Male Spectrum may be, we're right at the forefront of gay reality porn," Kysar said. "We plan to stay there and continue to grow and evolve the genre further."