After years of operating a variety of 'niche' websites, the same executives who decided to create the Male Spectrum DVD line decided to do their fans a favor, and collect all the best episodes the company had ever shot under a single roof -- and that roof became known as MaleSpectrumPass.com. Call it "one stop shopping" for connneiseurs of gay reality porn.

"It's really about offering our customers the best of all possible worlds," explained Male Spectrum's Subscription Site and Affiliate Program Director Lea Busick. "For those who are really into one particular line, we carry the original niche sites. For consumers who like multiple Male Spectrum lines, or for whom more is always merrier, there's MaleSpectrumPass.com, where they can get everything for one low price."

Since its launch in the fall of 2008, MaleSpectrumPass.com has steadily increased in daily sales, and now ranks as the company's third most popular site, behind HisFirstGaySex.com and HisFirstHugeCock.com.

Busick added that creating the "catch-all" site pulling together all of Male Spectrum's best content was a "no-brainer."

"Hey, if access to one Male Spectrum video line is good, then access to all of them at once can only be better, right?" Busick said. "We thought so, and our customers appear to agree wholeheartedly."

In addition to offering customers comprehensive access to the Male Spectrum video archives, MaleSpectrumPass.com provides elemets of "Web 2.0" functionality, allowing members to rank and comment on episodes and to bookmark their favorite scenes for quick access.

A 3-day trial subscription to MaleSpectrumPass.com runs $1.95, while full monthly access to the site is priced at $29.95. The site currently has nearly 900 exclusive, full-length scenes available, and more than a dozen new episodes are added each month.